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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Why Should Startups Outsource Accounting?

Managing the book of accounts is a vital part of any business and startups are no indifferent. An accurate and error free accounting greatly helps in building correct strategies for the business. Yes, accounting is crucial for any business, but the keyword here is “accurate and error free accounting”. This calls for experienced professionals who are immensely trained in the niche.

Yes, the need of professionals is undeniable, but, the truth is setting up your own in-house team of experts comes very easily for an established business, but not for a start up. Hence, many startups have now turned to outsourcing due to its various factors.

An outsourcing vendor acquires a pool of talented people who have years of experience in managing the books of accounts. This is the reason why outsourcing seems viable for any startup and has now become a growing phenomenon across borders. It not only helps a startup to manage their work within a limited budget but it also helps contribute in the expansion of the business. Here are 4 crucial reasons which any newbie in the business should know about outsourcing:

It helps you to focus on the core activities of your business

Every business is divided into core and non-core activities, while accounting is vital for any business, but it may not list in your core activities. In such a scenario it is difficult for a startup to create a perfect balance between the two activities and often one of them suffers. Thus, outsourcing accounting seems a favourable deal for a startup as it saves your time. It allows your business to focus on your main functional operations while the non-core activities are handled by the experts.

Your data is highly secured 

One of the misconceptions people usually have while outsourcing is the mishandling of the company’s data and when it’s the financial data of the company, the doubts are even immense. But the reality is that these outsourcing vendors follow robust secured frameworks which keep the data confidential. However, it’s still vital that a startup re check the security of the data before outsourcing. A right and authentic vendor would never hesitate in unveiling their security standards to their clients.

Outsourcing is affordable

One of the common things in all the startups is the limitation of the budget. Hence, outsourcing seems perfect for a startup especially while dealing with the recording and managing of the finances. Outsourcing helps the recording and managing of the accounting data by the domain experts which lies within the budget.

These are some of the reasons while outsourcing accounting is so vital and beneficial for a startup.



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